Phil super-unlucky in High Stakes Poker Season 6

So unbelievably sick how Phil is running in High Stakes Poker this season – he might as well be pulling slots for how wildly he’s playing. First, Phil loses the absolute minimum with a K-high flush against Antonio’s A-high flush — and in this hand, he flops the monster and rivers the second best flush again.


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Poker can be frustrating, but you’re still my hero Philly!

Phil Hellmuth WSOP 2009 Entrance

My main man Phil making an awesome entrance at the 2009 World Series of Poker. The critics are idiots – who are the camera’s watching? That’s right! THE POKER BRAT, BABY!

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Phil Hellmuth in the mix!

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Devilfish & Phil actually having fun

I don’t like the Devilfish. He’s arrogant, like Phil, but he misses Phil’s tournament results to back that arrogance up. He likes to attack people, yet he’s often just a dick.

Anyway, Phil & Dave actually having fun together — it’s rarely seen, but it’s nice to see none the less.

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Phil used to play a lot online but since UB busted he is only occasionally to be found in an Online casino playing lower limit poker. He gets his real money playing live games where he can get real reads on weaker opponents!

Phil Hellmuth Heads-Up with Tom “Durrr” Dwan

Our man Phil Hellmuth going up against internet genius Tom “Durr” Dwan, and I’m a huge fan of both. Tom Dwan is a long-term winner on the web, so he’s got some skills, for sure. ;-)

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I’m not going to give away any spoilers, but even a casino hustler like me has to admit — I’m don’t agree with him in his after-game antics. Standard play. Bad beat.

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